Quality Assurance Processes
Here is an outline of the quality assurance practices and processes that are in place for all approved and qualified Inspection Management Companies and Independent Field Inspection Companies.
To understand these processes and requirements you must understand the difference between the Inspection Management Company and the Independent Field Inspection Company. Click here to review each profile.
Many insurance carriers are beginning to subject each new policy submitting a wind mitigation inspection by an unrecognized vendor to a re-inspection by an approved Inspection Management Company to ensure the report is verified and accurate. This creates additional stress on homeowners and requires more work on behalf of the insurance agent. This also affects the agent’s relationship with their client, especially when errors are found resulting in policy changes. Unfortunately, this is the case in many instances due to the lack of training requirements and misinterpretation of the OIR 1802 mitigation form.
An independent third party quality assurance process is therefore a stamp of approval, showing that Inspection Depot has independently reviewed the inspection report provided by either the Inspection Management Company or the Independent Field Inspection Company for accuracy before it is released to the client and/or the insurance carrier.
If Inspection Depot has provided the independent Third Party Quality Assurance oversight on each report, a separate Inspection Depot Quality Assurance Stamp with a unique identification number will be provided on the front cover of every report. Insurance carriers and respective underwriters can use this unique identification number to verify the quality assurance process that took place through our Inspection Management Application. Click here for information on the Inspection Report Verification Process.
In light of the recent findings as it relates to the extent of erroneous wind mitigation reports, many insurance carriers are endorsing this approach as a manner in which to help eliminate fraud and erroneous reporting and to ensure the safety of their policyholders.
In-House Quality Assurance Oversight  
Every inspection report submitted through the Inspection Depot Paperless Inspectors Inspection Management System must pass through the qualified Inspection Management Company’s in-house quality assurance department. These reports will either be approved or rejected by in-house auditors and, depending on the insurance carrier involved, this report may then be released. Some insurance carriers want more than this because of the differences found between released reports from qualified Inspection Management Companies. Insurance carriers are requiring independent third party oversight on every report, in addition to ensuring reports are systems compliant.